Apps Mav’s Restaurant & Cafe App for Facebook is Now LIVE!

Apps Mav Restaurant & Cafe App

Truly a labour of love, Apps Mav’s essential Facebook application for food establishments – the Restaurant & Café app is now live and ready for use! This Facebook app is a must-have and an extremely effective social media marketing solution for all restaurants, cafés, diners, bistros, pubs, and other such businesses.

Food holds a near-reverent position in social media today. All social networks are filled with images of food – professional food shots, promotional content, and the big one – people Instagramming photos of their meals (also, yes, Instagramming isn’t a word yet, but how long before it is, huh?). However, it all leads to the same conclusion, people love eating out, and telling their friends/ acquaintances that they did. There is, however, a marked gap of information and connection between restaurants and their customers.

To address this very issue, Apps Mav has created the Restaurant & Café app. This Facebook app allows restaurants, and other similar businesses, to showcase their food menu, ambience, little characteristics that make them unique, and much more, right from their Facebook page. Most importantly, they also get to display and promote their specials – food specials, web-exclusive and other discounts, and deals, ensuring that their prospective (and existing) customers stay aware of the latest developments, while complying with Facebook’s Guidelines.

Super-easy to install, the application also comes armed with social-sharing options, allowing your fans to share their favourite deals, menu items, or other information about your restaurant on their Facebook timeline or other social networks – amplifying your brand’s online reach at the mere touch of a button. You can read more about the app in details, and sign up for it, on the Apps Mav Restaurant & Café app‘s page.