About Us

Seeing the need for Facebook Applications that serve to grow your business, digital media marketing company, Maverick Mav has created Apps Mav, a full-service social media agency.

Backed by the expertise of highly experienced web developers, internet marketers, search engine marketers and talented creative professionals, Apps Mav enjoys helping businesses large and small to leverage the dynamic social media marketing opportunities available online.

Many businesses struggle with finding an effective social media marketing strategy partner. Apps Mav has developed smart Apps for Facebook that maximize the power of Facebook’s core timeline, newsfeed stories, apps dashboard, search, notifications, bookmarking and analytics features.

Our strengths are merging your big ideas with amazing Facebook Apps and managing your social media optimization strategy. Developing media-rich social platforms for you to interact with your colleagues, partners and customers to grow your business is what we do best.

The possibilities for growing your business by partnering with Apps Mav’s web innovation, design and content creation team to develop your company’s Facebook App and social media marketing plan are limitless. Facebook has nearly a billion users worldwide. Having your own Facebook App and social media marketing strategy working for you to socially integrate your company into the daily lives of loyal customers extends your business reach beyond your imagination.

The Apps Mav team are accomplished in creating highly interactive custom-built and off-the-shelf Apps for Facebook. Our team is dedicated to supporting your business goals and to helping you grow your business via Social Media and Facebook Marketing.

Whether you need a quick and easy to upload off-the-shelf Facebook App or a more specialised custom App for Facebook with your own special features, we’re here to help you.

Get in touch. Contact us by writing to sales@appsmav.com