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Friday Wrap Up: Facebook Updates, LinkedIn For Good and More

Find out what’s trending on Facebook

If you reside in Australia, US, UK, Canada or India you can view all the topics that are trending on Facebook (similar to Twitter trends) on your desktop version. This feature will be launched soon on the mobile versions as well. These trends will be constantly updated based on the conversation and are not paid for at this point of time. Maybe,Facebook will introduced promoted trends on FB in future? Read more

Facebook loses teen audience

Either a platform can have cool kids, teens or, it can have everyone. Facebook has obviously chosen to get everyone on the network – and it is an obvious choice, as its advertising format is based on displaying ads that will cater to all. So, where are the teens running off to? Snapchat and Instagram appear to be the closest cool hangouts for them. Reports suggest that 25% fewer US teens use Facebook than they did in 2011. Read more

Facebook Sponsored stories come to an end

Facebook will put an end to their sponsored stories on April 9. Marketers will face the consequences of this move. While sponsored stories will be lost as an ad-format, other form of ads will get a chance to perform better. The content based on EdgeRank will also improve in newsfeeds, giving a way to genuine content to rise on the top. Read more

LinkedIn for good

Now, you will receive volunteer opportunities as well along with the job opportunities, if you’re interested in them under LinkedIn For Good. Doing volunteer work adds to your profile and LinkedIn firmly believes in it. The ads for Volunteer opportunities will cost 10% or 20% of the original cost. Read more

Tumblr adds @mentions

Tumblr has added @mentions after multiple requests by its loyal fan base. It has also added an interesting gif demonstrating the mentions. Much like other social platforms @mentions will be a great feature for the users. Read more

Twitter has redesigned homepage

New Twitter home page has been designed quite similar to the mobile design.It is complete with the cover photo and the profile pic on top of it. Read more

Stream your tweets on facebook

Stream your tweets on facebook