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Instagram v/s Vine

​Friday Wrap Up – Instagram, Twitter & Facebook​

Instagram’s New mission statement “To capture and share the world’s moments” is the new mission statement of Instagram. Facebook believes that it is not just about capturing and sharing pictures and videos or to get ‘Likes’, Facebook feels it has to make the world more “open and connected” and so the new guiding words. Kim […]

Pete Cashmore_verified account_FB

Introduction of verified Facebook Pages

Facebook has recently introduced verification of Facebook pages. This option is not available to everyone. So far, celebrities, brands, government officials and a few journalists have been given the verified profile authenticity. The verification symbol is similar to that of twitter’s blue circle with a tick. Now, you would know when you’re being friended by […]

Change your passwords; keep your accounts safe

Protect your Social Media accounts from hackers & spammers

It is becoming increasingly popular to find social media accounts hacked which can have embarrassing results for a brand. A hacker can get your details, spam your account, post a negative update or tweet. In the end, it would upset your fans, followers and your PR agency would get busy trying to handle the uncalled […]


Friday Wrap Up!

It’s the weekend and we, as promised, have all the important internet and technology related stories you need – so, get a cup of coffee, sit back and read on: 1) Social Media played a very significant role in the breaking of the Boston Marathon bombing story, and now a Suffolk University graduate is spearheading the ‘Boston Spirit […]