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Bill Clinton joins Twitter!

Friday Wrap-Up – Bill Clinton, Tumblr, iOS Update & More

Social Media marketers rarely have an off day, as the ceaseless developments leave no time to break a sweat. So, we are back again with our weekly digest of social media and technology news you should know, if you hope to keep up! 1) Former President of The United States, Bill Clinton, surprised everyone by […]

Change your passwords; keep your accounts safe

Protect your Social Media accounts from hackers & spammers

It is becoming increasingly popular to find social media accounts hacked which can have embarrassing results for a brand. A hacker can get your details, spam your account, post a negative update or tweet. In the end, it would upset your fans, followers and your PR agency would get busy trying to handle the uncalled […]

Don't hold like based contests. Don't hold like based contests. (All image copyright to respective owner)

3 Facebook marketing mistakes that can get your page banned

Social Media is inevitable when it comes to planning a digital marketing strategy. While our target audience is on Facebook, it is important that we refrain from making mistakes that can affect our promotion strategy. Facebook Marketing is not as easy as it may appear. Here are some tips for you to host a successful […]