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Your Facebook Page Has Been Banned!

Facebook Guidelines have always been a narrow lane and often overlooked by businesses. One misstep can send all your Facebook marketing efforts in a permanent tizzy and may also result in your page being banned or shut down! No one wants to see an alert stating that one or more of their Facebook Page have been […]

Facebook Apps go LIVE!

We at Apps Mav are delighted to announce that, we’re going to go LIVE soon with a suite of exclusive Facebook apps. Out of Beta and into the lives of our clients, we are proud to announce that after much testing, and refining, we are launching some of the most interesting Facebook apps for our […]


Save your Facebook Page

While social media is an avenue everyone is familiar with, marketing on Facebook is not as easy as it appears. We’re going to share three simple rules to improve your Facebook Marketing efforts: 1. Follow Facebook Page guidelines Make sure you keep the page in sync with the guidelines of the social media platform you’re […]