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Run a Facebook Contest on Your Timeline – With a Difference

Almost 74% of marketers trust that Facebook is a key platform for their lead generation strategy – and notice how we don’t say ‘online’ marketers. Facebook dominates the internet in terms of social media engagement, and for businesses, that’s good news. However, making those levels of engagement happen for your brand page is no easy trick. A quick fix to increasing engagement on your fan page is to run a contest on Facebook.

Facebook no longer requires you to use Facebook Contest apps to run contests and promotions on your page. You can now do all of that right from your Facebook Page’s Timeline, without violating Facebook contest guidelines. Conducting Facebook contests, and promotions from your Timeline is sure to increase engagement for your brand page, by generating Comments and Likes. However, there are two challenges that it poses:

1) How to manage the multitudes of entries you will receive as Post Comments and Likes?

If you’re running a contest on your brand page, chances are you’re aiming for high participation. But what are you to do when you ask your fans/ non-fans to comment on your status to participate, while the comment with the most likes wins, but you receive over one hundred comments? How do you manage all those entries?

2) How to convert these fans into leads and potential customers?Boyka: Undisputed IV movie

While a Facebook Timeline contest will definitely help you generate ‘Likes’, and ‘Comments’, it still will not help you meet the larger business objectives – which is to generate leads, and reach out to potential customers.

The Apps Mav Timeline App lets you retain the benefits of running a Facebook timeline contest, while helping you address these issues above, and much more. For one, you can import all your Comments and Likes and make the management of a Timeline Contest easy as pie. Here are some of its other features, that help the management of your Facebook contest simple, and effective:

1) Manage all the contest entries with the Timeline app, irrespective of how high the number of comments/ likes is. Just sort the entries on the basis of ‘Comment with most Likes’, ‘Comment with most Replies’ and more at the click of one button. You can even export all the entries by downloading them to a .CSV file (you can open such a file with Microsoft Excel or an equivalent), at the click on one button.

2) Its in-built random winner generator tool lets you choose a winner completely at random from among the participants that Commented on or Liked or status update.

3) Don’t limit your contest to only generating page interaction. Turn your fans into leads by sharing the app’s link in your status update. Any fans that click on the link can submit their contact and other demographic information for you to use in future promotions. This submission form can also be fan-gated, meaning that you can ensure that visitors become a Fan of your page before viewing more information.

Run a contest on Facebook

4) The ready-to-use app gets installed and setup within a few clicks.

5) The most crucial benefit of a Timeline Contest app for Facebook is that when running a contest on your timeline, there is no space for you to specify the contest’s terms and conditions. You can’t put them all in your status update, or your fans will lose interest in the contest. You can create a Facebook Note and share it but chances are, no participant will ever click on it to see it making your contest a festering ground of potential lawsuits.. You can, however, display the company policies, guidelines, contest terms and conditions in the Timeline app, and share its link in your status update.

In the long run, it obviously makes more sense to use a contest app to run a contest on your Facebook Timeline, to get the maximum benefits out of your contest. If you are looking for more Facebook contest ideas, we’ve got that covered, too.