Forekast homepage
Forekast homepage

New entrant in Social Media – Part V

In our last blog we talked about Vine – the micro video sharing platform, a twitter App. This blog will discuss a platform for events Forekast.

Forekast believes that “Good things happen everyday.” While there are multiple websites that do listing of events for specific location or a set of locations, or for a particular category for eg: cinema or theatre, Forekast has taken up the initiative to attempt to list down every interesting event happening online, offline or on television, listed on the website based on the user’s votes for events that interest them.

The interface of the website is really clean – a slider of events for every day from ‘today’. Once you enter the website you are welcomed to a series of option listed under ‘All categories’ and ‘Most Voted’ events.

You have an option to add an event, comment or vote for an event. You can also sort the events based on National events, Local events and College events. They practically aim to list down events from meteor showers, presidential speeches, Google hangouts, webinars, movies, theatres, television shows, DVD launches, Music release absolutely any event at all that you can think of. They intend to create a community of wide range of interests.

Forekast register

Forekast register – Beta version

Since the site is still in its Beta stage, only National events are listed as of now. But it is looking to populate the local events and the college events section. It is testing its Beta version in US – Rois county. Imagine having one place where all the events of your interest are listed – no more scouting newspapers and multiple website to answer the most commonly asked question – “What is there to do?”

Do you think Forekast can be that one platform for all events and be the future of Public events – one place where everyone would want their event listed?

We hope you liked our series on ‘New entrants in Social Media’. Do share your views about it in your comments and also let us know about any other cool platform that you come across. We would love to hear from you!