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How To Set Up Your Facebook Shop?

Setting up a Facebook Shop is the first step towards Social Commerce. Your Facebook Shop will help you convert Fans to customers, it’s the beginning of a loyal relationship.

Step 1: Select Yes to Fan Gate your App and upload an attractive Pre-Like image with a call-to-action to Like your Facebook Page.

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Step 2: Use the existing fields or add custom fields for your contact form. You can also opt for integrated email marketing system – Apps Mailer. Make sure you check the boxes which are compulsory to be filled and all the fields that you want to make “visible” on the form.

image 2.png

Step 3: Add details about your business in this section and upload an attractive after-like image that can also talk about any offer you wish to run.

image 4.png

Step 4: Add Category of your products here.

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Step 5: Manage Products by importing RSS feed or CSV file. You can also manually add products.

image 6.png

Step 6: You can also edit an existing product added, add image, details and more.

image 7.png

Step 7: If you have a CSS expert then you can do advance coding of the app as well.

image 9.png

Step 8: You can customize the color of the contact form to keep it in sync with your branding!

image 10.png

Step 9: If you opt for White Label apps (at a minimal cost), you can also add custom banners to personalize your branding.

image 11.png

Step 10: QR Code for mobiles is also available making the apps mobile friendly! You can simply share this bit.ly link as a status update to direct your fans to the mobile-friendly app version!

image 13.png

Step 11: Language settings is one of our most awesome feature. You can display the app in any language of your choice by editing the language.

image 14.png

Step 12: And of course, if you need any help, our tutorial videos are available in the help section.

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Easy, isn’t it? Time taken to configure this app is about 5 mins or less! Set up your Facebook Shop today and welcome to the world of social commerce.

Complete Social Media Marketing Solution For Online Retailers

Complete Social Media Marketing Solution For Online Retailers