How To Set Up a Facebook Page for Businesses – The Right Way

Facebook Marketing is, quite honestly, the biggest mode of generating traffic online for your brand, while improving engagement with your customers. A lot of businesses, however, struggle with getting the basics right, so here we are – going back to the basics.

Setting up a Facebook business Page is no small task. The many elements involved may get confusing, however each one of them is important enough to set you back if not paid attention to. Here are some of the most important bits of making a business Facebook page using the Facebook business Page builder:

1) Cover Photo: Your Cover Photo is only tool for on-page Facebook promotion, apart from your timelines. It also lends heavily to showcasing your creativity as a brand, so it’s important that you create one in line with your Profile picture.

Dimensions: 851 x 315 pixels

Rules: Facebook has lifted the countless restriction previously attached to Cover Photo, keeping only one rule intact. Do not use more than 20% of the image for text.

2) Profile Picture: A compact graphic, this is the image all fans, non-fans will see on their Home Feeds the most. Hence, it is important to keep it an image that recalls your brand effectively – namely, your brand logo.

Dimensions: 180 x 180 pixels  (however, the thumbnail view automatically gets compressed to 32 x 32 pixels.)

3) Page URL: The link that leads to your Facebook Page is probably the most element of it all. When you create a page, Facebook assigns a URL to your page that you can see in the address bar. Since you will be using this link heavily to promote your Facebook  Page, it makes sense to get a Custom URL, which is compact and super-easy to remember.

If you need help acquiring a Custom URL absolutely free, email us today at

4) About Info: The ‘About info’ for your company moves from a tiny box on the sidebar to one of the first areas people will see after they take a look at your cover photo and the display picture. This is the perfect place for you promote your website link and tell the users about your company in brief.

HOT TIP: Ensure that you fill out the rest of the About Us information diligently, as this content helps direct relevant Google traffic to your Page.

5) Facebook Apps: Facebook allows you to prominently display 10 apps (apart from two default apps – Likes, and Photos) to execute activities you cannot conduct using your Timelines itself. Want to run a Photo Contest? You need an app. Looking to run a Sweepstake? Get an app. Thinking of offering Coupons or Group Deals to attract customers? Get an app. Most importantly: wish to showcase your products and sell through an F-Shop on Facebook? You are correct – you need an app.

6) App Prioritisation: While the Photos app box always remains in the same position, do remember to move the most important apps to the top row. This helps immensely if your Page visitor doesn’t know to click on the arrow that displays the remaining apps.

7) Custom Name & Icons: All of your App boxes on your Facebook Page can have a customised name and image. Here’s how you edit them:

  • Click on the down arrow next to your row of apps.
  • Hover over a box and click on the Pencil icon.
  • Select Edit Settings
  • Here, you can enter a different name for your tab or change the tab image.

Dimensions: For best results, use the exact size requirement – 111 x 74 pixels.

That summarizes the most important elements of setting up a Facebook Page for businesses. Use these tips while creating your new page or to simply optimise your existing one.

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