How to Sell on Facebook with FB Apps

Facebook Marketing has emerged a key tool for business to market themselves online. With 1.11 billion active users, and 42% of marketers deeming it critical to their business, Facebook Marketing is here to stay, whether it’s a part of your marketing strategy or not.

The biggest boost has been received by Small Businesses, providing them an incredible space to advertise and market themselves on. You need not even have a physical shop, but that shouldn’t stop you from setting up a business and getting your revenue going. A very keen solution on those lines is the concept of a Facebook shop –  a perfect F-Commerce tool.

How to sell on Facebook?

A variety of Facebook Applications now exist to solely to enable you to sell your products via a Facebook Store. It’s one of the most essential Facebook Marketing tools for online retailers, and a simple solution to questions such as whether or not you can sell using Facebook, and how you can do it. Just add a Facebook Application to your Facebook brand page and you are all set to showcase and sell your products using Facebook.

Things to keep in mind before buying an F-Shop Facebook Application:

  1. Does it allow for easy setup and management? A good Facebook Store app will let you import your product feed with just a URL, and the entire setup process should be easy to navigate.

  2. Is it safe? Ensure that the app you are choosing uses a safe payment authorisation platform such as PayPal.

  3. Will it help further increase awareness about your products? Do make sure that the app you choose allows fans to share the products/ services they like to their Newsfeed, and other social networks such as Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.,to help spread word about your brand.

The Apps Mav F-Shop is armed with all the features mentioned above, and more. Find our F-Shop app for Facebook, and start selling.

Happy selling!