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Friday Wrap Up – Why Businesses Still Need Facebook Apps, Jay-Z’s Exclusive Facebook Premier of ‘Holy Grail’, AppsMav’s LIVE Q&A Webinar

Facebook has been dominating all social media news portals with the sudden upsurge in what was already a steady stream of changes. But social media marketing runs on nothing if not constant evolution, and our responsibility to bring this news to you, and help you find out how you can use that to your advantage!

1) Facebook recently updated its promotional guidelines, allowing businesses to now run promotions and contests from their timeline itself. While many businesses were running contests on Facebook right from their timeline anyway previously, they were risking having their page banned in the process, which isn’t the case any longer. Facebook apps for fan pages became obsolete – or so claimed a lot of experts. However, as the following infographic details, using Facebook apps is not just about guidelines, but creating a wonderful user experience, and turning fans into customers.



2) Jay-Z has been becoming more and more experimental, by each passing day, and a lot of it could have to do with the time he spends with Kanye West. Whatever the influence maybe, however, he added another feather to his experimental cap by premiering the video of his latest video, ‘Holy Grail’, featuring Justin Timberlake exclusively on Facebook for 24 hours, before premiering it via any other media.


3) YouTube’s video response feature hasn’t brought it a lot of contentment anyway, boasting a measly click-through rate of .0004%. No, we haven’t added an extra zero to that. So, come September, YouTube will do away with the Video Response feature altogether, promoting use of hashtags and unique phrases in your video titles, descriptions, and comments for better promotion.

 When it comes to promoting your YouTube videos, it also makes sense to showcase your YouTube videos on Facebook via a YouTube app for Facebook Pages.

4) You know our team at Apps Mav strives constantly to simplify social media marketing strategies, and tools, for you to use. To continue with that streak, our CEO, Akash Malik will be hosting a free Q&A Webinar session on Google Hangouts on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 11am, GMT.

Akash will be addressing any questions you have about ‘Facebook Marketing for Business’, and will be trading ninja tricks and tips you can use to optimise your Facebook Marketing efforts.

You can register for the Q&A session here.


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