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Friday Wrap Up – Twitter’s $1Billion IPO, Instagram to Roll Out Ads, Facebook to Update Facebook Insights

The week that has gone by had some amazing updates in the world of social media. Facebook is all set to launch its new Facebook Insights update on (hopefully) October 8. Twitter has filed for $1 Billion IPO and Instagram will start to roll out ads in next couple of months.

Facebook – Facebook has announced that it will be updating the Facebook Insights and rolling out this updated version by October 8th. Some of the admins have also received notification of this update.

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These updates will surely help community managers and social media managers to analyse what kind of posts are working for their Fan page, and which are not. Also, these insights will give a better insight into Fans who engage with the Facebook Page regularly. With these unique insights at disposal of the marketeers, we can hope to see some great changes in the Facebook marketing strategies of brands.

Twitter – After being in news for long, Twitter has finally filed to raise $1 Billion in its public offerings on Thursday. Twitter’s mobile stats are impressive for the investors, as more than 75% of users access Twitter via mobile. 65% of company’s ad revenue comes from mobile as well, which is higher in comparison to even Facebook’s mobile usage stats.

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Instagram – In the latest development of events, it has come to notice that ad-free days of Instagram are coming to an end. In an attempt to become a “financially-sustainable business”, Instagram has released a statement that it will start rolling out ads in the next “couple of months”. Much like Pinterest has done in an attempt to become sustainable, they recently started to roll out “Promoted Pins”, Instagram appears to have taken the same path. We sincerely hope that along with ads and promoted Pins, Instagram and Pinterest don’t lose their charm of unique social media platforms.

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Facebook Timeline Contests – With Facebook now allowing Business pages to run Facebook Timeline Contests, it is time that your page runs one too. These contests are simple to hold and have power to increase the page interaction. Your Post,which you will use to run the contest will be bumped up on the newsfeed as well (due to high number of Likes, Comments), thus, increasing the chance of higher participation. You might want to take a look at how to manage Timeline Contests and get a Timeline Contest Facebook App for your Business Page too.

We will see you again with a refreshing Friday Wrap Up. Do share your comments below, we would love to read them!