Facebook Apps go LIVE!

We at Apps Mav are delighted to announce that, we’re going to go LIVE soon with a suite of exclusive Facebook apps. Out of Beta and into the lives of our clients, we are proud to announce that after much testing, and refining, we are launching some of the most interesting Facebook apps for our users – all business owners.

Apps Mav FB Apps

Make use of the last few days by signing-up on our Facebook Page to avail these Apps for free. A common solution to all your Facebook Marketing problems are Facebook Apps. How to use Facebook Apps to promote your business and engage with your existing customers? 1. Hold a Photo Contest for your Facebook Fans – engage your audience in a fun way using the Photo Contest App. Interact with them by having them submit themed photographs and having their friends vote. 2. Give away Group Deals to your Facebook Fans – Offer group deals to the Facebook audience with our Group Deals App. Set a minimum number of registrations for the users to unlock the discount to increase your offer’s reach. 3. Display your products or services on Facebook – Increase revenue by showcasing and selling your products directly via Facebook using PayPal using the F-Shop Facebook App. 4. Orders & Reservations for Cafes – Allow users to place take-away orders and reservations online. Show-off your restaurant & cafe menu, enable take-aways or seat registrations using our Restaurant & Cafe App. 5. The perfect Facebook app for Realtors –  List all your properties on Facebook along with their descriptions and details. You don’t even need a website, only our Real Estate App. Similarly, no matter what the size of your business or the type of your industry, Facebook Apps are the solution to better marketing and greater sales.