Hold awesome Photo Contest!
Hold awesome Photo Contest!

Contest Apps for your Facebook Pages

Involve your fans with your brand, engage them with a contest and reward them for their participation and time.

There are multiple contests you can hold for your fans, but we must keep in mind the KISS rule – Keep It Simple Stupid! We will talk about 3 kinds of contests that are sure to help you connect with your fans.

1. Photo Contest

If your brand belongs to fashion & lifestyle, beauty, art, culture, real estate then holding a Photo Contest is your best bet. Since visual appeal of your brand and industry is high such a contest would generate a lot of enthusiasm and higher level of participation.

Hold awesome Photo Contest!

Hold awesome Photo Contest!

2. Caption Contest

This form of contest is for all! Display an image of common interest, could be a product or a property, a painting or a dress and ask your fans to give a caption for it. Any brand can hold such a crisp and simple contest. It’s a fun way to get instant feedback and engage your fans with your brand.

3. Descriptive Contest

Sometimes, it’s better to get descriptive content for your brand. If you would like to know the honest thoughts for a new product launch, or would like to figure out what you fans demand, you could hold an Essay contest. Ask your fans to review an existing product or question them about what do they feel is missing in your brand. Question them, stimulate them, challenge them. Such a contest could be held by a sports brand, art brand, restaurant or a cafe and even a hotel!

Which kind of contest would you like to hold?