9 Free Advanced Facebook Marketing Tools

9 Free Advanced Facebook Marketing Tools for Businesseses

Ever wondered what world class Facebook apps can do for your business? Today, an online presence has become more than just setting up a Facebook fan page! Fan engagement and lead generation are two things which go hand in hand in laying a strong foundation for brands in the digital marketing realm. Our highly tout social media age compels us to be more creative and competitive in order to grab online attention.

What if you could do all this, for free? Apps Mav; dedicated to simplifying and helm the new wave of media have announced the launch of Free Apps for the interested. A suite of 9 highly innovative Facebook applications can help businesses build a strong online presence. The apps include Facebook store, Coupon, Custom Welcome Tab, Sweepstakes, Signup, Facebook Timeline Contest, YouTube Channel, Twitter and Pinterest.

Facebook Store

Want to sell on Facebook? Through Facebook Store app, businesses can setup an online store to sell directly from their Facebook fan page. No more re-directing and no more fear of online transactions! The app enables brands to showcase their products on their page to attract and convert traffic into customers. Loaded with PayPal, the world’s safest payment gateway ensures hassle free selling and transaction makes for instant payment authorisation.


Who doesn’t like a fan page that rewards on every like? This is basically a Facebook Coupon App which allows brands to giveaway exclusive deals to the users so that every like is rewarded! This will not only keep your fans glued to your brand but also fetch you more business.

How does it work? Suppose you have own a cafe or a store and want to giveaway coupons to attract more people to your Facebook fan page, you can do so by using Coupon app. Apart from fan engagement, you can also collect your fans details manually and use it to send newsletter or informing them about any new launch.

Custom Welcome Tab

Is your business or brand new on Facebook? Introduce yourself to your potential customers with Custom welcome tab app. The Custom Welcome Tab app allows brands to welcome a visitor in a customised way and by personalising their Facebook page’s appearance.


Easy to set and manage, the Sweepstakes app allows brands to reward their Facebook fans right from their Facebook fan page by running powerful sweepstakes campaign.

You can increase activity on your fan page by running a contest. The Sweepstake app allows you to reward winner with a discount coupon etc. as a reward. This is bound to invite more curious eyes!


Facebook Marketing is all about inviting your Facebook fans into your brand community! The Signup app allows brands to create easy contact forms to collect contact details and demographic information about your fans so that they can be sent regular newsletter about your brand briefing them about your latest offering and hot deals.

Facebook Timeline Contest

With just a few clicks you can combine and harness the power of Timeline contests and Facebook apps to manage contests on Facebook better. The app not only collects details of all participants, sorts entries, collects contact details, etc. but also let’s you pick winners randomly or as per specified criteria.

YouTube App

The YouTube app allows brands to integrate their official YouTube Channel with their Facebook fan page. The self manageable Facebook app allows fans to become more familiar with your products and services. The more you acquaint your fans with your brands, the more they will show interest and encourage others also to try your services.

Twitter App

What if you could stream your tweets on your Facebook fan page? The Twitter app lets you do just that to help you become more visible. You can tweet about your latest offerings or any special deals on various forums and stimulate interesting and insightful conversations about your brand or business and it will be updated via this app on Facebook automatically.

Pinterest App

The easy to use self manageable Pinterest app allows you to showcase your pins and pin boards on your brand’s Facebook fan page. Brands from the more visual industries, such as food, fashion etc. can make the most of this app by posting the picture of their specials, which will be updated via this app on Facebook automatically.