5 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips for Online Retailers

Apps Mav 5 Tips For Online Retailers

No matter how great your product, all retailers face the daily challenge of getting people to sit up and take notice of their products. Social media takes this challenge, spins it around on its head, and gives you the opportunity to reach a vast audience – or potential customers. Facebook Marketing can similarly be of great use to retailers of all kind, if used effectively.

There is a massive untapped audience on Facebook that you need to reach, in order to showcase and sell your products. Social Influences are becoming a very strong factor in purchasing behaviour.

Here are 5 simple, yet powerful tips that can help optimise Facebook Marketing strategy, and help you reach potential customers.

1) Status Updates: ask questions, get answers – end your updates with questions, instead of updating statements only. Fill-in-the-blanks style updates also make for engaging Facebook content, such as:

 ______ is my favourite day of the week.

When buying shoes, the most important thing to me is ______.

Sometimes ending your status update with call-to actions such as ‘Like if you Agree’ or ‘Share if you agree’ leads to increased engagement. Caution!- Do not carry out a promotion or contest through your status updates as this is against Facebook’s terms and conditions, and can result in a Page ban.

2) Focus on visual mediums. Try keeping your communication as visual as possible, and pay attention to the images you share. A picture is worth a thousand words and can make or break a product online.

3) Humour works very well and makes for very shareable content, thus making your brand go viral . Caution – respect copyrights when using images; give credit where credit’s due.

4) SHOWCASE YOUR PRODUCTS –  Display your products/ services on your Facebook page. Apps Mav’s exclusive F-Shop app is a simple Facebook app that allows you to set up a fully-functional Facebook store within a matter of minutes. You can showcase AND sell your products right from your Facebook page. For more details about this app, and to sign up, visit the F-Shop app page.

5)  Run Contests & promotions – Nothing works on Facebook for your engagement stats like contests, giveaways , offers, etc. Many surveys have pointed out that an important reason why people become fans of your page is to get offers, discounts and giveaways that they wouldn’t otherwise know of. To do any of these activities, you will need to apply 3rd-party Facebook apps as Facebook prohibits running any contest or promotion using any of Facebook’s tabs like Events, Wall, Photos, etc. The Apps Mav team has developed an array of such applications like Photo Contest, Group Deals, Sweepstake, Scratch& Win and so many more. See our full range of apps at www.appsmav.com