Facebook Apps
Facebook Apps

5 Must Have Facebook Apps

You can do wonders on your Facebook Page with amazing Facebook Apps that are sure to increase engagement with your fans.

1. Welcome Page

A custom Welcome page app would allow you to Fan-Gate your page which would lead to increase in Likes. It would also serve as a face of your Facebook page. So you can collect details, show-off your best features like Awards and Rewards. You can talk about any activity or event you are about to hold and much more. You can customise the app as per your requirement with a great banner and advertise your brand further.

2. Photo Contest

A lot of brands (especially visually appealing in nature) can hold Photo Contest to interact with the fans. These are easy to set-up and execute. Voting based contests ensure that the word about your brand and the contest goes viral. This could be a monthly contest.

3. Sweepstakes

Make your fans take a chance on their luck and invite them to participate in Sweepstakes. Use the simple app to collect their details, and select a winner with a random selection. You could hold these sweepstakes on a weekly basis and make your fans returning to your Facebook page!

4. Caption Contest

A contest for all businesses and a great way to get feedback would be a simple Caption Contest. Everyone likes to give witty, funny and interesting captions. You could display your product or a picture of current event and get opinions from your Fans – collect their data as they participate with your page. This could be a weekly contest as well.

5. F Shop

A little specific for business owners or online retailers who have products to sell, this Facebook app can serve as your online store. Display your products and enable purchase as well using this app. It is probably the best way to convert your Facebook fans into your customers.

The best part about these Facebook Apps is that they are ready to use and in sync with Facebook promotion guidelines. As a user all you have to do is set them up on your Facebook Page.

Would you be interested in using these Apps? Share your thoughts in the comments below.