5 facebook marketing tips for real estate professionals

5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate is one of the largest industries in the world with a highly competitive market. Facebook provides an incredible platform for realtors, brokers, property agents, property developers, and all other types of real estate professionals, to interact and engage with a large audience and generate leads. Your customers are already on Facebook asking their friends and making inquiries about properties to rent or buy. The idea is to tap into this user base and ensure your business garners enough visibility to be at the forefront of their thought process. Here are 5 tips that will enable you to do exactly that:

1. Set Up A Facebook Showcase:

A website, while essential, is not enough to get your business the exposure it needs by itself. It is all-important to be present on Facebook, the first step to which is setting up a Facebook Fan page. Once you have done that, it is essential that the best of your business is visible is one single place – where visitors can view all your property listings, their statuses and your contact details, and be able to send their inquiries, too. One such app is our Real Estate Facebook app, which enables you to display detailed property listings with images and maps, allows your fans to submit their contact details and inquiries through a sign-up form, and allows them to share the listings on their Facebook profile and various other social networks. The application is fan-gated to ensure visitors Like your page and become fans prior to viewing these listings.

The app can even work as the single point of information of your business, in absence of a website, too.

2. Run a Contest

Facebook’s recently relaxed promotional guidelines now allow business to run contests right from their Facebook page timeline, which makes it easier than ever for users to participate in contests. While this works in favor of Facebook users, it can create quite a ruckus for you – since managing the multitudes of entries and tracking them can turn out to be a herculean task. A simple solution to that is to run a Facebook Timeline contest asking them to, say, leave a comment about what their dream house is like. Then, simply install a Timeline Contest app for Facebook which will ensure you the maximum out of your contest by:

a) Allowing you to manage your contest entries, no matter how high, at the click of a button,

b) By helping not only gain fans through Fan-Gating, but generate leads with the in-built and customisable sign-up form, and

c) Lets you run the contest on mobiles, too.

Alternatively, you could run a Facebook Photo Contest, which is very popular amongst Facebook users due to its personal appeal, and is a great way to collect user-generated content, too. In fact, run a Christmas-themed photo contest to excite your existing customers by asking them to submit photos. Do ensure the app your choose to run such a contest allows fans and their friends to vote for their favorite entry, because that generates stories that even more users will see in their newsfeed.

3. Keep It Exciting With Deals:

Keep things exciting by sharing regular Facebook-exclusive offers. A Facebook Coupon app will help you share as many coupons as often as you want, and will serve as the hotspot for fans looking for discounts. Such an app will not only help users discover your brand, but even help boost your revenue. Similarly, Group Deals on Facebook are a great idea to involve larger groups of people.

4. Do Not Forget to Have Fun

Ensure that the content you share on your page is not limited to self-promotion. Share content that, while relevant to your business, is generic enough for a larger audience to relate with. Similarly, organize quizzes, trivias to keep your audience glued to your page. Invite Fans to share stories about their house-hunting experiences, and provide tips that help make the process easier for them.

Run a contest on Facebook

5. Cross-Promote:

Videos are the most engaging content type available on the internet, so it’s important that you use them effectively, too. Create videos with tips and tricks, and how-tos that are meant to genuinely help Fans while subtly promoting your business. Then, make sure to display all your videos on Facebook with a YouTube app. Youtube and Facebook work really well together, and this will let visitors view these videos without ever having to leave your Facebook page. Similarly, you can even embed your Tweets, Pins, and more on your Facebook page with the help of a simple app.

The Real Estate industry invites some cut-throat competition, and differentiating yourself from your competitors is paramount in such a situation. Create a unique brand identity with the help of these tips, and let us know if you have any questions!

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