Apps Mav Facebook apps add to Christmas festivities

3 Tips For Christmas Marketing On Facebook

Christmas is a time to share and spread the happiness. It’s a time for family, friends and fans! Make your fans remember you by doing something special this Christmas and sharing your love with them.

While everyone is busy running contests on Facebook, here are some novel tips to engage in Christmas festivities with your fans:

1. Gift everyone who Likes your page to help you achieve target number of Facebook Fans. For instance, if your Facebook Page is currently at 800 Fans, then you can request people to Like your page and help you reach 1000 Fans on or before Christmas. You can show your appreciation by thanking every new fans who has helps you reach 1000 fans by gifting them something special like a freebie or discount on your products.

Tip: Reach any target of 25 like – 250, 2500, 25000, this would add a Christmas flavour.

2. You can run fun activities that provide your Fans instant gratification like Pick One, Sweepstakes, Scratch & Win or Share & Win on your Facebook Page. This activity would be for existing fans. Pick One, for example, is a game app in which there is a prize under one of the three boxes. The Fan has to guess which box has the prize. Sometimes they win and sometimes the miss, but they can revisit in 24 hours to try again. Scratch & Win is a similar game where fans have to clear the scratchie to reveal a prize. Christmas is about fun, and what’s more enjoyable than games?

Tip: Make sure the designs used in the game are Christmas special.

3. Share Seasons’ Greetings post on your Facebook Timeline. Thank your current fans for being a valuable part of your brand. And ask them to either Like or comment on your seasons’ greetings post with the best moments they have shared with your brand. You can also ask them to share why they are fond of your brand or which products have made them happy this season. You can reward every fan with a special gift instantly for commenting on your post and interacting with your Facebook Page Timeline.

Tip: Retailers can give free gifts, restaurants can give free meals, every brand can give a special discount coupon as a Christmas gift.

While all of this would sound great (hopefully!) your key question would be how do you monitor these activities and ensure each fan receives the gift. So, fear not we have researched and found out some amazing Facebook apps that you can use for free! You can use Instant Reward Facebook App to gift every fan who Likes your page. You can get free Facebook apps that include Pick One, Sweepstakes, Scratch & Win Apps along with many other useful apps. And, you can use Timeline Contest Facebook App to reward every Fan who comments on your post. Timeline Contest Facebook  App is also included in the free Facebook apps package. Christmas on Facebook does not get better than this. Get social this year by combining social media marketing and Christmas on your Facebook page.