Friday Wrap Up – New Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook Video Ads Revenue, and Hashtag Trending on Facebook

Welcome back, all, the Friday Wrap Up is here again, bringing you the latest and the most essential news about Social Media Marketing, New Media Trends, and Facebook Marketing.

1) Facebook has 1500 newsfeed stories daily for an average user, but you only end up seeing 20% of them. Here’s how Facebook decides on what stories to publish to your newsfeed. Each story is assigned a score based on factors such as your past interactions with the Page/ Profile, number of likes, shares, and comments the story has accumulated, and your relationship with the user who has posted it. The stories with the highest score appear at the top of your Newsfeed.

2) A recent Morgan Stanley report predicts that the revenue of more than $1 billion will be generated solely by Facebook Video ads, which are yet to be launched, by 2014. Facebook videos ads are expected to hit Facebook’s American audience later this year, and the markets will later be expanded to Europe, and Asia, respectively.

3) After having taken notes from multiple pages of Twitter’s handbook, Facebook is now experimenting with Trending Hashtag, quite like Twitter. The feature is currently available to a tiny percentage of Facebook’s US audience, and only on the mobile site.
That is all for this week, and we’ll certainly be back with more next Friday. Until then, Happy Shark Week!