5 facebook photo contest idea for christmas

5 Fun Facebook Photo Contest Ideas for Christmas

There are over two months left yet for Christmas to come around, but that is one time of the year that begins making its presence felt long before it actually arrives. The Christmas specials have begun on the telly, Christmas promos have started pouring in, and many stores have already begun promoting their Christmas-special sales. The idea is simple: Christmas is starting early, and we are not complaining one bit.

If you are a business with a Facebook brand page, chances are that you’re looking for ideas to run a contest on Facebook to make full use of the excitement in your audience about Christmas. And since Christmas is such a beautiful occasion, with people dressing their best, decorating their best, and buying their best, a Facebook Photo Contest genuinely is your best bet. Here are 5 Photo Contest ideas for Facebook you can use to build engagement on your Facebook page, as well as increase your Facebook fans.

1) Christmas Cookie Challenge – Baking is synonymous with Christmas, and there is definitely no better and simpler baked good than the cookie. Ask your fans/ non fans to participate by submitting pictures of cookies they bake for Christmas with the recipe. The most-voted submission can win. If you are a grocery store, a cooking channel, a farmer’s market, a specialty food store, etc. then this is the most obvious choice of contest for you.

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2) Step Into Christmas – If you are a shoe brand, or fashion brand that also has a shoe range, this is the Facebook Photo Contest idea for you. Invite your fans to submit and show off photos of their brand new shoe purchases for Christmas from your brand (if possible, specifically from your brand’s Christmas collection), and reward the most voted photos. Keeping it limited to your brand of shoes is sure to boost your sales by creating new customers, while the contest is sure to engage existing customers.

3) Rocking Around The Christmas Tree  – The concept is to invite your fans to submit pictures of their family with their fully-decked Christmas tree. If you are a fashion brand, you can ask them to do so while wearing at least one items of your brand. If you are a lifestyle brand, you can ask them to use your Christmas tree ornaments in the picture. If you are a hospitality brand, ask them to click the picture next to the Christmas tree in your establishment. As you can see, this is a simple enough Facebook contest, that you adapt to suit your business by making minor adjustments.

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4) A Christmas Story – This one is on a much lighter note – ask your fans to submit photos of them lick a pole, quite like the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ and pick a random winner.

5) Christmas Makeover – If you are beauty brand, then this contest is perfect for you. Simply ask your fans to submit pictures of makeovers they get done during Christmas and reward the photos with the most votes. You can also ask them use one or more of your products in the makeover to qualify as well.

We hope these Facebook Photo Contest ideas appealed to you. Another thing to keep in mind before you run a photo contest on Facebook is to choose the best Facebook Photo Contest app possible. Make sure the app you choose allows for voting, as every vote your app receives will generate a story that goes on the newsfeed of the participant and voter’s friends, maximising the exposure your contest receives. Best of luck!