Social Fundraising

Run Sponsored & Paid Contests, Lotteries on your website, Facebook page, Blogs, 3rd party Website, Tumblr, etc.
Use from our self Install software application or let our experts launch & manage your next campaign.

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Group Offers

Want to sell large quanities and attract lots of customers? Display a Group Offer on your Facebook page to sell only if a minimum quantity is sold within a specified time

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Facebook Store - Show or Sell

Use our Facebook store application to show or sell from your Facebook Page. Sell your own Products or showcase Sponsors' Products. Easy DIY setup or ask us to configure and launch your social store.

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Social Referral Reward Campaigns

Reward people for sharing your message to their family & friends through our Share & Win and Gratisfaction Software. Easy to install & manage or let our team of experts help you launch your next referral reward campaign

Share & WIN!
Reward Actions
& Referrals

Social Media Engagement

Our goal is to help you build an engaging community across different social media networks.

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Growing or Building Your Facebook Community

Let us help you boost engagement, increase Likes & get your Facebook community to participate in your ongoing paid & sponsored contests, lotteries & giveaways

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Hypertargeted Social Media Advertising

Let us help you drive word of mouth referrals from your social channels. Turn your supporters into your marketing team

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Social Media Custom Apps

Want to launch a Custom Game, promotion or Giveaway? We can provide your supporters a better social experience through creation of custom social apps across multiple social platforms

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