• Facebook Page Management For Restaurants, Cafe, Bars, Lounges, Bakeries and more
  • Twitter Profile Management For Hospitality Business
  • Google Plus Page Management For Hospitality Business
  • LinkedIn Company Page Configuration and Management

Hospitality is a competitive and demanding industry. We understand the level of customer service required in the industry. We also understand that not every community functions the same way and not all conversations are interesting for everyone. So, we make special efforts to understand the Fans and then weave conversations around their topics of interest so that your brand always remains in the positive lime light across all social media platforms.


  • Analytics
  • Campaigns
  • Ads
  • Monitoring

Social Media Management is not just community management. If you have a new offer to promote or launch of a new branch of your hotel then you need to do a relevant campaign to promote. You also require analytics to learn from and then implement new strategies for better marketing. We will help you do successful social media marketing campaigns across all platforms.


  • Games
  • Promotions
  • Contests

Custom Facebook Apps can be ideated and developed, to cater to your Fans as per your marketing objective. Beautifully designed, classic custom Facebook Apps will interest your and your fans at an engaging level. If you’ve got a thought, we can develop a related Facebook App in-house so that you can reap benefits of social media marketing.


  • Social Media Skins – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus & YouTube
  • Campaign Designs
  • Stamp Ad Designs
  • Facebook App Designs

Design is an art, for social media designs expertise and understanding is required. Our designs services are catered to meet your demands, and are in sync with your brand objectives. We design, social media properties, campaign designs, facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and more. Get in touch with us to take our quote.

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